About PhoneFetcher
Being a busy Mom and business woman, I was tired of all the time I wasted during my day looking high and low for my cell phone. Digging in my purse, leaving my phone at home, or in my car, even losing it on occasion (expensive mistake).

This seemed like such a waste of precious time to me. I felt if I was having these issues, other women must be going through the same thing as I am. I had to find a better way!

That is how I created my new product called PhoneFetcher!

The PhoneFetcher takes the stress and hassle out of a person's day, by allowing you to always know where your cell phone is!

No more digging in our purses to find a ringing phone and missing calls! No more leaving your phone on some remote table or countertop! No more forgetting phones, and leaving them places (home, office, restaurants, cabs etc.), only to have to backtrack to find it. No more mini panic attacks!

PhoneFetcher attaches to a purse, back pack, gym bag, baby bag, belt loop, etc. on one end, while the other end easily connects to the earphone jack of a smart phone, mp3 player etc.

PhoneFetcher is made of a stretchable bungee cord, which allows texting and viewing without having to disconnect the phone. When the phone is removed from the bag, we leave our PhoneFetchers hanging out of our bag to alert us as we leave, that we do not have our phone with us.

Phonefetcher is as easily removed from your smart phone as an earphone is, and comes in 8 fun colors, as well as a silver chain model! (Silver chain model not stretchable)

I hope you enjoy using PhoneFetcher , and all the time it will save you!

~ Madelyn