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    I LOVE LOVE KeyzPleez and PhoneFetcher, two products that have taken "where are my keys, now?"and the "where in my purse is my cell phone?" anxiety out of my day.
    Alison C. (Riverhead, NY)
    PhoneFetcher resolves the problem of not being able to locate your phone in your purse, gym bag, baby bag, backpack etc. When at home or at work I leave my PhoneFetcher hanging out of my purse alerting me that I do not have my phone with me. I havenít left my phone anywhere since I started using this, nor have I missed a call!
    (Deal Finder Chick)
    I use my KeyzPleez all the time! There is no excuse anymore for wasting time looking for my keys. KeyzPleez is a great accessory - not only does it look great with my purse, but it's practical too. Every woman needs one!
    Kristin L. (Deer Park, NY)
    I love big purses but I could never find my phone in time but PhoneFetcher has SOLVED my dilemma. I attached it to my purse and haven't had a problem finding it when it rings now. Woohoo!! I love how easy it is and so useful. My family is jealous- they all wanted one too! The PhoneFetcher ROCKS!
    (PinkMama's Place)
    It made it much easier to keep track of my phone and gave me piece of mind knowing that I didn't have to worry about losing it ... A PhoneFetcher is a great gift for a woman on the go. It gives her one less thing to have to worry about.
    (Brookie's Baby Bargains)
    Thanks to phonefetcher, now I donít have to worry about missing a call. I just love this invention!
    (Lifes Perception & Inspiration)
    My husband loves using Phonefetcher when he is on his motorcycle. The Phonefetcher keeps the phone save while he is out riding.
    (Juliana's Bits and Pieces)
    Living in a wooden area, it gets quite dark at night and the fast access to my keys gives me a secure feeling when I can get into my home faster. The best gift I bought myself in a long time!
    Laura LaVeglia (Bay Shore, NY)
    I was getting out of my car in a rain storm to run into the store quick but I had been on a call and when I hung up I simply laid it in my lap. The phone went flying off my lap as I got out ó but it did not fall on the ground because the Phone Fetcher was attached to it!!
    (Mommy Coupon Swappers)
    I have been using Phone Fetcher for about a week now and I cant believe that I did not come up with it, its a LIFE SAVER, and my panic attacks about not having or being able to find my phone have gone. When I need my phone I can quickly and easily find it by following the Phone Fetcher bungie cord. This is a GREAT Product and a must have for EVERYONE!
    (So Cal Coupon Mommy)
    Got my PhoneFetcher in the mail yesterday. Today, when my phone rang while I was shopping, I was able to answer it before it stopped ringing. First time EVER! And all because I had this nifty gadget attached to my phone!
    Patricia L. (West Keansburg, NY)
    I absolutely rec≠om≠mend the Phone≠Fetcher to every≠one out there! You wonít be sorry! It hon≠estly saves you so much time and trouble!
    (Cool Canucks)
    I attached it to my work bag and my purse at different times and it really really came in handy! I always forget if I have my phone and I nearly have a heart attack! Never again will that happen with the PhoneFetcher!
    Ellen (Ask Away Blog)
    I am attached to my phone, and now it's attached to me.
    (Strange Daze Indeed)
    I have been using Phone Fetcher for over a week now and honestly, I don't know how I lived without it.
    (Just the Two of Us and Deals)
    I've had the pleasure to try the Phone Fetcher. I have been using it now for over a week and to be honest, I don't know how I've survived all this time without it. It's one of the best new products I've seen in years.
    (Minding Spot)
    Seriously, why has nobody thought of this before?!
    I just lost my iPhone 4S and replacing it will cost me $650. Luckily my new phonefetcher is on its way!!
    Lynda R. (Wheaton, IL)
    No more loosing my phone, itís always in arms reach and I wonít forget it anywhere either .... I plan on stocking up on these for Mothers day gifts and the holiday season. This is perfect for anyone who has everything or are hard to shop for.
    Michelle (
    THANK YOU FOR THE AWESOME PRODUCT! YOU HAVE NO IDEA how much time you have saved me!
    Jenn (
    I carry my iPod with me everywhere, so this worked great for me. I never had to search around in my purse trying to find it. I also use this with my gym bag and it works great!
    I think the PhoneFetcher makes an awesome, affordable gift for everybody on your list & the best part is that it is not just for phones it can be used on any device with a 3.5mm headphone jack.
    Joy (
    I LOVE LOVE KeyzPleez and PhoneFetcher, two products that have taken "where are my keys, now?"and the "where in my purse is my cell phone?" anxiety out of my day.
    Alison C. (Riverhead, NY)